New hosting supplier: Bytemark

YO26, Bytemark, YorkAfter a couple of months of research and planning, I’m excited to announce that I’m moving my hosting operation to Bytemark, a great company based just up the road (M1) in York.

I’m opting for a managed service from Bytemark, which means they’ll be watching over my hosting 24/7, and helping me with the really technical stuff.  In 2017, this will free me up to do what I do best: creating beautiful websites, and helping my lovely clients.

Bytemark are a wonderful bunch, specialising in lovingly hand-crafted server hardware, complimented by a growing range of their own efficient server management software.  They also power their York datacentre 100% from renewable energy, putting this among the greenest hosting available in the UK.

As someone who has often lost sleep over hosting problems with other companies, I couldn’t be happier right now.  And for my clients, I’m expecting big improvements in uptime and performance.